OverstimulatedMom.com was born out of a passionate belief that emotional well-being and self-care should be at the heart of every mother’s journey. We understand that motherhood can sometimes be challenging, overwhelming, and even overstimulating. But, we're here to reassure you that it's okay to feel this way and it's more than okay to seek support.

We stand alongside you, offering tools and strategies for emotional regulation, resilience, and self-care. Through our community, we aim to help you feel more grounded, balanced, and contented, allowing you to tackle the demands of motherhood with grace and inner peace.

Hi, my name is Sara

and I am the one behind

Overstimulated Mom.

I have my doctorate in occupational therapy

and I am a mom to two wonderful young children.

overstimulated mom Sara Blog Photo

I knew about sensory overload from a professional standpoint, but to be honest I had never really experienced it first hand until becoming a mom. I really started to struggle with overstimulation once I had two kids, especially a newborn and a toddler.

I felt like I could explode at any moment and I was so incredibly touched-out.

I felt like I yelled constantly and I really struggled to make time for myself.

I love my children dearly, but I was really struggling with overstimulation, anger, exhaustion, and feeling overwhelmed. I really struggled to figure out how to regulate my emotions.

These last two years I have been working hard at finding coping strategies and ways to regulate my emotions so I can show up for my kids in a calm and regulated way.

I want to help you become a more calm and emotionally regulated mom so you can show up for your kids the way you want to and really enjoy motherhood.

I believe moms have a really hard job and when they can learn emotional regulation skills to stay calm and regulated throughout the day they can better help their children and themselves.