Welcome to Overstimulated Mom, your nurturing space designed for self-discovery, emotional growth, and contentment in motherhood.

My mission is to help you find inner peace and contentment, regardless of the stage of motherhood you're currently navigating. I believe that embracing self-care is not a luxury but a necessity and that every mother deserves to bloom alongside her children.

Join us as I share practical emotional regulation skills, genuine stories, and supportive advice that will help transform your motherhood journey.

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Hi, my name is Sara

and I am the one behind Overstimulated Mom.

I have my doctorate in occupational therapy and I am a mom to two wonderful young children.

I knew about sensory overload from a professional standpoint, but to be honest I had never really experienced it first hand until becoming a mom. I really started to struggle with overstimulation once I had two kids, especially a newborn and a toddler.

I felt like I could explode at any moment and I was so incredibly touched-out. I felt like I yelled constantly and I really struggled to make time for myself.

I love my children dearly, but I was really struggling with overstimulation, anger, exhaustion, and feeling overwhelmed. I really struggled to figure out how to regulate my emotions.

These last two years I have been working hard at finding coping strategies and ways to regulate my emotions so I can show up for my kids in a calm and regulated way.

I want to help you become a more calm and emotionally regulated mom so you can show up for your kids the way you want to and really enjoy motherhood.

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I believe that when mom's can learn to regulate their own emotions they can be the calm and confident mom they want to be for their kids and family.

I will help you learn to manage your emotions so you won't always be angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired.

I want to give you tools to help you manage the invisible load of motherhood.

You are a super mom and deserve to learn how to take care of yourself too.

This is why Overstimulated Mom was created. I will teach you how to:

When you can learn to regulate your own emotions you will be able to demonstrate this skill for your children and they will be able to learn from you.

Imagine a life where you feel calm and confident in knowing how you can regulate your own emotions and help teach your children how to regulate their emotions too.

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